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Daily Maligne Canyon Ice Walks

Jasper Maligne Canyon Ice Walk
Daily icewalks are offered at 9am and 1pm. Alternatively, join the 6pm Maligne 'Headlamp Tour' to experience the Maligne Canyon icewalk in twilight ambience.
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Jasper National Park

Winter Wildlife Search

Jasper Winter Wildlife Tours Moose Bulls Fighting
Join us for an evening witnessing Jasper's wildlife coming out in force. Experience Jasper National Park at it's most special time on a 3.5-hour winter wildlife serach led by an expert tour guide. Visit Jasper's special spots inhabited by bighorn sheep, mountain goats, moose, and more.
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Jasper in January

Planetarium and Telescope Combo

Canadian Rockies Jasper Night Sky Planetarium and Telescope Combo Tour
Discover Jasper's night sky with the Planetarium's award-winning star-gazing tour package! Start your night sky tour in the Planetarium Dome Theatre and explore local First Nations constellations, the Milky Way, and even the edge of the universe!
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Jasper Winter Photography During January

Winter photography in Jasper National Park during January is a fantastic opportunity to capture the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rockies draped in snow and ice.

Jasper in January 2024
Winter photography in Jasper National Park during January

Winter photography in Jasper National Park during January

Winter photography in Jasper National Park during January is a fantastic opportunity to capture the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rockies draped in snow and ice.

Capture January Snowy Landscape's in Jasper

Use the pristine snow-covered landscapes as your backdrop. Experiment with different compositions to highlight the contrast and textures of the snow against the natural elements.

January Photo Golden Hours and Blue Hours

Take advantage of the soft, diffused lighting during the golden hour (shortly after sunrise and before sunset) for warm, golden tones. Similarly, shoot during the blue hour (just before sunrise and after sunset) for a cooler, ethereal look.

Embrace Jasper's January's Cold

Showcase the winter ambiance by photographing frosty trees, icy lakes, and frozen waterfalls. The icy elements add a unique and magical touch to your images.

Experiment with Silhouettes

Capture silhouettes of trees, wildlife, or people against the snowy landscapes, especially during sunrise or sunset. Silhouettes can create visually striking and artistic compositions.

Include People in Photos for Scale

If possible, include people in your shots to provide a sense of scale and perspective. This helps showcase the vastness and grandeur of the winter scenery.

Focus on Wildlife

Wildlife may be more visible against the snowy backdrop, making for excellent photo opportunities. Be patient and ready to capture moments when animals are active or in interesting poses.

Use Leading Lines in Photography

Utilize natural lines like snow-covered roads, paths, or rivers to guide the viewer's eye through the frame and create depth in your composition.

Long Exposure for Water

If you come across a partially frozen river or waterfall, experiment with long exposures to create a smooth, ethereal effect on the flowing water contrasting with the icy surroundings.

Protect Your Photo Gear

Ensure your camera and lenses are well-protected from the cold. Keep spare batteries warm and easily accessible, as cold temperatures can drain batteries quickly.

Jasper Night Sky Photography in January

Capture the breathtaking night sky by photographing stars, the Milky Way, or the Northern Lights if you're lucky. Use a sturdy tripod and a wide-angle lens with a large aperture for best results.


Fine-tune your images during post-processing to enhance colors, adjust exposure, and bring out the beauty of the winter scenes. Use editing software to refine your compositions.

Safety First in Jasper during January

Always prioritize safety when venturing out for photography in winter. Dress warmly, inform someone of your plans, and be aware of your surroundings, especially in potentially hazardous conditions.

January provides a canvas of snow and ice, offering numerous opportunities for captivating and unique winter photography in Jasper National Park. Take the time to explore, experiment, and capture the magic of the Canadian Rockies in it's January winter splendor. Jasper in January Home

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